"Land" Birds



Among the land based birds common in Portencross are:-

These fantastic liitle flyers come every Summer from Africa and one pair always nest in our doorway - putting up with our coming and going - this year they have raised two Broods of 5 and then 4 chicks to full flying machines - must be a good supply of Midges to catch mid air.

These black Scimitars of the air have a shorter holiday in Portencross than the Swallows - but when they get together in a gang in the evening they screech up and down the alleyways like a macho bunch in Magaloof.
AND :-
Jackdaws - occupying the Castle and woods
Curlews on the moorland occasionally scouting the waters edge.
Thrushes - Cracking juicy snails from the garden on the rocks.
Buzzards - Soaring over the cliffs and Auld Hill often harried by Crows.
Crowds of Sparrows thriving in noisy fluttering cascades of feathers among the windblown tres and Pampas grasses.     and more....
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